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Meet Coach Sogol

Updated: Jan 19

Hello, beautiful soul! If you've discovered my small haven in the universe, chances are divorce has visited your life. Perhaps you're seeking a more enlightened approach to navigate the stress, decision-making, planning, and the inevitable emotional, mental, and spiritual toll. Whether you're preparing for divorce, amidst the process, or on the other side seeking direction, I empathize. Divorce is undoubtedly challenging and often comes with a significant emotional and financial burden. In my role as a divorce coach, I stand as your ally, helping you in decision-making and strategizing. I offer tools and resources to navigate high-conflict situations. Think of me as your reliable sounding board, a person you can confide in to untangle the web of thoughts clouding your judgment, guiding you towards a place of clarity.

As your divorce coach, I'm here to be your understanding companion throughout the divorce journey. Together, we'll navigate the emotional challenges, making informed decisions on legal, financial, and parenting aspects. I'll guide you in developing effective strategies for negotiations and communication with your ex-spouse. Providing you with tools and resources, I'll address stress, conflicts, and self-care. We'll work on enhancing your communication skills and exploring fresh perspectives, fostering resilience and goal-setting.

Beyond divorce, I'll assist in your post-divorce transition, collaborating other professionals such as your legal counsel in order to support you with a comprehensive approach. My role is to empower you, making sure you navigate the process with self-awareness and compassion, leading to a smoother transition to your next chapter in life. As your dedicated divorce coach, my services go beyond traditional support. In addition to navigating the practical aspects of divorce, I offer the transformative benefits of reiki and spiritual guidance. Through these holistic practices, we'll reset your life force energy, promoting clarity of thought and a lighter emotional state. This renewal will empower you to make more aligned choices along your journey. Spiritual guidance will play a pivotal role in ensuring you stay true to yourself amidst the challenges. Together, we'll integrate these elements seamlessly into our work, fostering not only resilience but also a profound sense of self-discovery and alignment. My commitment is to guide you through the divorce process with a holistic approach, empowering you to embrace your next chapter with authenticity and a renewed sense of purpose.

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